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2007 Bedroom Wall Hole & Simons New Wall


Journal Entry for October 20th, 1999

We're decorating (painting the boys rooms, and since they both are so nuts about cars I decided to find some snaps/drawings on the web and then make a transparency and shine it on the wall with an over-head projector and then paint them on for the boys.  Wow, what a "run-on" sentence, eh?   Anyway ,the two photos we chose are:

Danny chose the first one, and Simon the second.

My favourites are

car6.jpg (23370 bytes) car5.jpg (16982 bytes)

But I don't think I've got the artistic talent to put them up on their wall and do them justice.  I tried making them into "embossed" images, which would  be a little easer, but still, I dunno.  Maybe I'll update the cars with these if the room needs painting and they still like cars as much as they do now.

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