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spikey haired Boys going 2 Leeds 2003


Christmas Cade Boys and Ola dancing

mealtime in the RV in Colorado 2002

2 Boys wearing shades & Ian snapshot


Dannys lego car 2001


Doctor Ola, Danny & Simon


Yorkshire trip gamesroom kids & Tom


Danny learning to read 2001


3 Boys in bath


Ian Talks in booster chair April 2001


Chrissy's birthday party on dairy farm


Danny @ Mayfield Infants Sportsday


3 Boys in Bed


3 Boys @ Table Talking


Danny with KillaLot birthday toy @ 5


Happy 5th Birthday Danny 2001 with Tracey Island


pretending Danny & Simon 29 Jan 2001


Danny sings Father Christmas @ Colleges Nursery 2000


Danny swims & dives


Dannys First Bike Ride without Stablisers


Abrey kids 2 Cade Boys, Colons & Lucy before Ian's birth 2000


Danny & Simon wave to camera


Obstacle Course Danny @ Colleges Nursery


Danny sings I Hear Thunder in chair with Simon


Journal Entry for September 20, 1999

Danny starts Nursery school (U.S. read "Pre-School") today.  We're so pleased to have got him into what we think is the best one around.  Teachers and staff very positive and encouraging.  It's ran really well.

Last night was my first night on a new course to help equip me in my work in our Church.  It's a small group of about 9 or so and Simon leading our discussion and study and praying.  It's nice to share the drive to and from Huntingdon with Matt and Gabriel--to get a chance to get to know them better and bounce the ideas around on the way home as well.

As I was walking today, I remembered something that happened last time we were in America that I thought was amusing.  Let me know if you think so:

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