Chubby Ian


1 month old Ian bathed by Lucy


talking Ian in booster seat


pretending Danny & Simon 29 Jan 2001


baby Ian @ 1 in inflatable chair 14 Jan 2001


Danny sings Father Christmas @ Colleges Nursery 2000


Baby Ian on Sofa in Lounge October 2000


Simon & Ian in Sepember and October 2000


Journal Entry for September 14th, 2000

I'm working on my second CD of movies and photos for the grandparents in the US. It's really fun doing all this. I've found the code to make these cool pulldown menus which you see at the top. They follow the top of your page, regardless of how far down you scroll your page down, and I can update them by only changing one file per directory.
The video editing is cool, although the process is not as exciting or challenging anymore, the results are very worthwhile to me. I'm about to get the movies from our visit to the US last year and convert them from video-tape onto computer. So the next CD will have the boys feeding the fish with Dad & Kris and playing silliness in the hotel room, Mom reading them "Thud Thud" and stuff.

Have you heard all about our fuel crises over here? There's a few people in my team to didn't make it in to work today cause of the protests and stuff. Folks are blocking the fuel depots because of our 90-something percent tax on fuel. 

Journal Entry for November 11th 2000

baby Ian @ 3 months old & Lucy in lounge


Ian less than one year old baby


Journal Entry for August 31st 2000

Home Movies!
I'm writing this entry just before cutting the CD for August, which includes loads of movies from last Christmas and other stuff.  But there's loads of footage of Ian which is very recent, plus Danny's Firsts--which I'm very excited about!  I am so glad to see Danny swimming like a little fish.  When he was first born and we took him in the swimming pool most Saturdays I had hopes he'd never know fear of the water.   But he got to a certain age and definitely was.  But now, looking back, all those sessions in the pool must have played some part.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the footage of our UnderWater Swimming Boy as much as I do.

Journal Entry for August 16, 2000

I was walking home from work the other day and as I got to our street I came upon an old lady sorta limping as she carried her bag on one shoulder and some shopping in the other hand. I asked her if I could help by carrying anything for her. She said no thanks, he house was just ahead. I said okay & Merry Christmas.

This little encounter reminded me of something that I learned by example from my Dad (instead of learning it by someone telling me, he just got on with doing it, probably unaware that he was teaching me anything at all).

richardasakid.tif (30373 bytes) 

bw_cades1_closeup.jpg (31614 bytes)tn_danny_running.jpg (5834 bytes)

Who's the grandson and who's the granddad?

bw_cadesmile1.jpg (4177 bytes)

cadesmile2.jpg (1213 bytes)

cadesmile3.jpg (767 bytes)

cadesmile4.jpg (833 bytes)

Journal Entry for August 11, 2000

Family of Five!
We're cheering to have our bed back again.  Usually when I hear of parents with their children/baby in bed with them I grumble to myself and think, "not a good idea!"  But now I'm humbled because we've choose the same thing this time.   But we decided it was time to reclaim our "marital bed" Ha!  We were psyched up for many nights of Ian screaming in protest before he "learned" but it was gracefully quick and easy.  Only one night of sleeplessness.  He's sleeping great.  Last night he fussed until midnight, but then slept til 6am.   After a quick feed Lucy and he were back to sleep (I never even woke up) until a civilized hour.

Danny swims & dives


Journal Entry for July 11th 2000

Born:  26 June 2000, 9:30am

Weight:  7 pounds

Mum:  doing exceedingly well!

Family of Five
Everyone asks, "How are you?!! (coping with three kids under five).   Well, as good as the birth was, is how good being a family of five is.    Danny and Simon are really wonderful with their new baby brother.  Simon brings the nappy sacks and wetwipes when Ian's being changed, and Danny is so caring and sweet! 

baby Ian 3 months old & Lucy in Lounge


Ian one day old


newborn Ian @ one day old Nappy change


Abreys Cades Colons 2000 Lucy preggers with Ian


Dannys First Bike Ride without Stablisers


Abrey kids 2 Cade Boys, Colons & Lucy before Ian's birth 2000


Danny & Simon wave to camera


Obstacle Course Danny @ Colleges Nursery


Journal Entry for March 9th, 2000

Extension  Finally done!
Yes, one of the biggest foci on in these ramblings and shuttering is the often overwhelming extension.  Well, thank God, it's done.  We aren't in any rush to paint the freshly plastered walls (We're going to force ourselves to rest and have some "normal life" before diving back into decorating/painting it all--maybe even the rest of this year!

Danny sings I Hear Thunder in chair with Simon


Journal Entry for January 21, 2000

We had the doors upstairs hung day-before yesterday. They're not the oldey-worldey pine ones, but they are new ones made extaclty like them. Funny how we thought doors would make the smallish rooms look too tiny, but now that they're up we think they make the area look better.

Journal Entry for January 13th, 2000

So, if you read our HOLIDAY LETTER you know what our plans were for the New Years Eve.   The evening went really well. Great "Beta Test" for the extension having people sleeping in the new rooms and having loads of folk 'round to eat together in the dining room. It was nice having all the kids and Marta & Sylwec and John & Rinata an over to celebrate the new year in our mild mannered way.

kids1.gif (2908 bytes)

kids2.gif (3579 bytes)

1999 Family Christmas Newsletter

Dear Everyone,

Sad Start to1999

As you know Lucy lost her Mum in January. Of course it has been difficult, and was a horrible shock, but so many people have been so lovely (like Caroline being so caring, Duncan being so helpful with the practical matters and Maurice being such a wise friend through-out). There is plenty of healing involved but the process is definitely underway.

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