Journal Entry for October 29th 1999

I'm working on a special feauture to commemorate Simon's birthday next weekend.  I've started writing up a little piece, and hopefully will scan in some different photos as well.  Have you guys heard of Thomas the Tank Engine in the US?  Seems like I remember that you do have him imported over there.  I saw a photo of how someone took different shaped cakes and put them together in the shape of a cake.  I'd like to do that, then decorate it to make it look like Thomas (Blue, red, smiling face, etc.)

let's see if I can find a good image on the web to put here and show you...

(pause while I search)...

well.  first on my searchlist was which has this one (animated, even!)

ani-thomas-tt.gif (20331 bytes)

Just found out the conservatory has arrived (in however many dozens of pieces!) so that should be up or mostly up next week--meaning the extension will be completely sheltered--except for the windows and doors.

The plumber will finish installing the new boiler today and have his electrician finish the wiring on Monday.  When you come and stay we'll have MORE THAN ENOUGH hot water for a full house of people taking showers & baths one after another.  We intentionally got a very large cylinder and had it hooked up in a way that we should never run out of hot water.

Last night we all-but-finished touching up the boys room.   I'll get a photo of it up here someday--I'm really proud of the results (See last journal entry to get an idea).  Tonight Danny's been invited to sleep over at Peter's house (his first night sleeping away from his Mum & Dad!).  Lucy's feeling that "invisible umbilical chord" being tugged, but she knows its a good thing for him to do.  We're happy that he's confident enough to be so excited about it.  I hear he's gonna be sleeping "head-to-toe" sharing Peter's bed.  That's be yet another new experience for him.  I can just imagine, "get off my side of the bed!"  (^;

What else to say?...

We've been very very busy, but it's been a fun and satisfying kind of busyness.  We're equallly aware of how tired we are, and how much we are enjoying life these days.  We'll be doing our annual Christmas letter and any parcels (packages) to be sent to the US for the holidays in the next week or two.