Journal Entry for November 19th 1999

Well, Simon's birthday came and went. He's so cute (I've already said that before, I know) these days. He gets so excited. We have a little "bingo" type game called "Picture Lotto" and whenever we get it out to play he says, "Oooh! Lotto!!!" and gets all excited and stuff.

He did the same thing whenever he got to open a birthday card (thanks everyone) or present (thanks everyone again). He even loved his little plastic table that we got to put in the boys newly decorated room.

The party was a small one at home. Julia and Ola and Matthew (same age as Simon) came as well as Danny & Simon's friend Peter (Danny's age).   We had balloons and "Pass the Parcel" and the usual presents. Simon's birthday cake was a caterpillar chocolate cake and he still tells us about it and how he "blew out the fire, <pheeeew!>" to this day.

For a bit of the party the kids were upstairs in their room playing. Everyone played together very well and it seems like all had a grand time. Simon's birthday web-page ran into some technical difficulties since right before his big day the service provider seemed to be experiencing some technical difficulties. Oh well, thanks for trying anyway.

I know this is a very short entry, but better short than nothing...