Journal Entry for August 31st 2000

Home Movies!
I'm writing this entry just before cutting the CD for August, which includes loads of movies from last Christmas and other stuff.  But there's loads of footage of Ian which is very recent, plus Danny's Firsts--which I'm very excited about!  I am so glad to see Danny swimming like a little fish.  When he was first born and we took him in the swimming pool most Saturdays I had hopes he'd never know fear of the water.   But he got to a certain age and definitely was.  But now, looking back, all those sessions in the pool must have played some part.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the footage of our UnderWater Swimming Boy as much as I do.

Tip:  If you don't already know about this, try Zooming your video player to "full screen" mode when you're watching these home movies.  Select the movie from my web-page, and when it starts to play click on the pause button (looks just like it does on all VCRs and CD players).  Then hunt around the menu pulldowns accross the top of your media player window and look for "View" or something similar.  It's labeled "Full Screen".   It looks about as good as a TV screen playing a VHS cassette.

My birthday
Lucy got me a printer, which I' used to print the CD case you should have by Sep 15th.   It's really fun and I'm gonna price it all out to see if the ink and photo paper is cheaper than film and processing for a 20th century camera.  (hopefully my new technology toy is cheaper--that's what I'd rather use.  We didn't make it to the seaside this year for my birthday, but we went down the road to Granchester and let Danny ride his bike along the path by the river.  The boys enjoyed the Tea Rooms garden and Burger King (yea!) as well. 

Different Children, Different Needs"  is very very good, for me and Lucy alone (plus good for us as parents as well).  I'm such a "I" and Lucy's such a "S" in the DISC personality framework.    Email me and I'll give you a bit more of the blurb on all this.

Sorry to "go on" about my toys, but I'm hunting down the right kind of cable so then I'll be able to read off video into my PC, and make CDs from our wedding video (yawn) and our last trip to the US over a year ago (which no one accross the Atlantic has seen yet!).   It's really fun pulling still photos out of the movie footage, making the CD inserts, and putting the edited movies into a webpage like this one.  Please give me some feedback as to what you like, don't like 'cause I hope to do this a few times a year--at least.

Hope you're doing well.