Journal Entry for August 15th, 1999

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great weekend.  Thought it would be worth writing a bit on it.

Lucy outdid herself by actually surprising me!  It was Sunday evening and she very subltely suggested we wait til the boys are in bed and then have a "take-out" for our tea.  When I asked what she had in mind she was mysteriously vague, promising I'd approve.  Anyway, she did surprise me when she returned with our Chinese food because she brought Tim and Ania with her!   Just the same morning I came very close to saying to them, "when can we get together again, seems like ages since we've hung out together" but I didn't.  Lucy said to me afterward that she was thinking, "Come on, let's do something for Kevin's birthday for a change.  What would he like to do more than anything (answer:  Have some friends around to visit).  And who would he choose to have come over if he could choose anyone at all (answer:  Tim and Ania).  It was so nice to eat together and talk and laugh with them.   Hoping to do a holiday together with them sometime.

Other things that made the weekend nice was:

1) good weather and time outside with the boys (they get restless inside)
2) a chance to go shopping with Lucy ONLY! since Tanya had both Danny & Simon for a while
3) the prints we finally bought together for the lounge, etc.
4)  which is really fun to use and will be great for using to put videos up on the website for relatives to be able to watch short-sharp little video clips from people's PCs instead of spending loads of money to create VHS ones that no one really wants to watch at one sitting or more than once anyway.  It takes still digital photos as well, and will save us having to develop still photos as well as convert VHS home movies to send to rellies in the States.   But it won't be as simple as I expected.  I thought the fact that the camera is digital and has a "DV out" port meant I could just plug it into my PC straight away.  But the "proper" hardware and software needed to do that will be hundreds and hundreds of pounds.  So, I'm probably gonna use something like for a few hundred pounds to make some MP2 files. 

5) I got to preach on my birthday and really enjoyed it
6) Lucy!

Maybe I'll update this about monthly or something.  (Ha!  figure the odds!)