Journal Entry for August 11, 2000

Family of Five!
We're cheering to have our bed back again.  Usually when I hear of parents with their children/baby in bed with them I grumble to myself and think, "not a good idea!"  But now I'm humbled because we've choose the same thing this time.   But we decided it was time to reclaim our "marital bed" Ha!  We were psyched up for many nights of Ian screaming in protest before he "learned" but it was gracefully quick and easy.  Only one night of sleeplessness.  He's sleeping great.  Last night he fussed until midnight, but then slept til 6am.   After a quick feed Lucy and he were back to sleep (I never even woke up) until a civilized hour.

My birthday is next week
I am practicing Lucy's kind of self control by stacking some stuff addressed to me from the postman aside, so I can open them on the day.  Last night we talked about our expectations about holidays and gifs.  I like being "romantic" and spontaneous and think of birthdays as big days to "spoil" and "pamper" each other and surprise each other.  I enjoy doing that stuff.  But I realized it wasn't so fair to "expect" Lucy to

have the same perspective.  So, I'm shopping for my own present this year (today at lunchtime probably).  I'm looking for a nice photo quality printer to print out photos you see on the website. 

I'm reading "Different Children, Different Needs" which is really good for reminding me to not try to make my kids be like me, but find out their gifts/personalities and cultivate them accordingly.  It also helps to find out what I'm like and how my kids are the same/different.  Good stuff.