FirstPersonShow 24 Paula



00:00 Welcome to Show #24
In which you’ll meet a great friend, Paula. She’s got to be one of the best storytellers I know, and a great friend.

We’ve got two songs that should be on the radio: One by Tina Dico (from Denmark) and another from Jesse Malin (who you may have seen on Jay Leno’s show) so sit back and enjoy.

02:20 Paula Interview part 1
Auntie Phyllis

05:25 Song #1 “Don’t Let Them Take You Down”,
by Jesse Malin

08:15 Paula Interview part 2
“I’m too scared, I can’t get down!.. “…and we had to carry her home”

12:20 RinkyDink ComedyFlight of the Conchords Business Time
“You sort out the recycling, that’s not part of it, but it’s still very important…”

16:30 Paula Interview part 3
Running of the Bulls, English farm style (but for children & cows)

19:23 Song #2 “Nobody Man” by Tina Dico
“Do what it takes to make you feel better..”