FirstPersonShow 22 John K.


FirstPerson Show 22

00:00 Hello & welcome to another 1st here at FirstPersonShow. This time you’ve got a treat of hearing the debut of an original story written and read by my guest, John K.

01:54 John K. Interview Part 1
writing, reading, teaching

06:36 Song #1 “Sit Up” by Kill The Alarm

10:33 John Reads Creative Flare Part 1
“Although they’re not working with the greatest of care, there’s something to be said for creative flair”

16:00 Your Song Feature debut Brandon’s contribution
“Soak Up the Sun” by Cheryl Crow
“.. It’s not having what you want. It’s wanting what you’ve got

18:00 John K. Reads Creative Flare, Part 2
“..multi navigational dials!”

24:12 RinkyDink Comedy Clip, Mitch Hedberg
13th floor supersition, off-white, number of bedrooms & bed sizes

29:21 Conclusion
Thanks again, this show & every month, to Rob Costlow for his great music used as my theme opening/closing music. If you think John’s story should be published as a book, pass on this website address and my email address to anyone you know who could help get it published!