FirstPersonShow 21 Jonathan


00:00 Hello & welcome to another episode of FirstPerson Show 21

01:55 Jonathan Interview Part 1
proudest memory

05:02 Song #1 “Lately” by Orange Park

08:30 Jon Interview Part 2
stories from his GrandDad–facing a bull, self taught swimmer

12:00 RinkyDink Comedy Clip, Demetri Martin again
state shapes, pillow fights, cat person, rainbows, etc.

17:54 Jonathan Interview Part 3
earliest memories & how they aren’t recording devices

21:08 Song #2 Melissa Bathory grooves with 2 Good 2 You
“..treat me like a lady”

24:35 Finishing your “theme song”. Background music, in order of appearance, Bluebird Days by Poster Boy; Elevator Music by Anne Davis and Bliss, by Rob Costlow (who also brings us our opening and closing theme song on every show).