FirstPersonShow 20 Kevin


FirstPersonShow 20

00:00 Hello and welcome to a special edition of FirstPersonShow, inspired by Brandon, a listener from Edwardsville, IL. and conducted by Kelli from the Nobodies podcast.

02:30 Kevin Interview Part 1
radio dreams, creativity of producing

6:06 Song #1 “Don’t Forget Where You Came From”,
by The Cool Waters Band

09:16 Kevin Interview Part 2
meeting the love of his life, boating adventure, unstoppable fun

16:20 RinkyDink Comedy Clip, Demetri Martin
throwing stones in glass houses, etc.

20:45 Kevin Interview Part 3
Kelli asks about inspiration of this show (Samaritans, P-Dub, etc.)

24:30 Song #2 Silently, by Tamara Nile
an old guitar tuned in open-G

28:23 Finishing request for you to tell us all your “theme song”

30:40 Outtakes