FirstPersonShow 15 OmniBus Show #15

7/8/2006 | Download File (23.95 MB) 

ShowNotes here and behind the scenes stuff here

0:00 Intro Welcome to the one year anniversary of FirstPersonShow (party sound effects?) Go back and listen to any of the old show at website! Note: each show has time-coding one these shownotes to help you skip to your favorite bits. Interview Clip #1 & #2

3:58 Barbara remember's Jaso & Essequibo

5:34 Joan's risque swimming trunk memory & comments about sex. accompanied by song "Serenity" by David Berchtold

6:38 RinkyDink Comedy Clip: Peter Cook & Beyond the Fringe do "The End of the World" sketch Interview Clip #3 & 4 10:45 Jack's London bomb-scare

11:58 Joan part 2 (Neighbors tragic abortion)

13:23 Song #1 Liz Longley's "Naked Trees" as well as a lovely Jazzy tune called, "Lovely Day"--both at Interview Clip #5

17:18 Maurice's childhood sidecar accident (Jeff was Dad and Dolly was his Mum) accompanied by instrumental "Elevator Music" by Anne Davis

20:15 Song #2 "Monkey Symbols" by Robert Wade, also found on "...are you listening?"

23:40 Conclusion and outtro with short cameos by Adam Curry & Studs Terkel