FirstPersonShow 13 Jack Show #13

4/25/2006 | Download File (27.60 MB) 


00:00 Welcome & Introduction

01:52 Jack Interview Part 1 snakes & waterfalls: childhood memories, Highest Praise's music in the background.

05:53 Song #1 Little Secret from Julie Gribble--remember her from Show #5?, she got my vote in the FirstPerson SecondSongContest. 09:22 Jack Interview Part 2 meeting the love of his life, again accompanied by Highest Praise's music.

16:54 RinkyDink Comedy Clip of the hillariously talented Victor Borge.

23:50 Song #2 She by Lights On, who I found on GarageBand.

27:11 Conclusion, hello to Steve from Bristol and his new family-friendly podcast, Mystery Clip and my theme music kindly provided by Rob Costlow from his CD "Solo Piano".