Christmast Letter 2003

Toward the beginning of the year Kevin & Lucy enjoyed painting the dining-room.  Only four years after the extension was built, and we're more than halfway through painting it!  We've been glad to have some visitors this year:  Helen, David and their two girls; Kevin's Mom and Step dad flew over from Texas in the summer (right before the weather turned really hot).  The boys really enjoyed time with grandparents, and the visit was fun-filled (even though we stayed close to home).

Before the summer was over for long we had some real excitement when Daniel's seemingly innocent broken nose turned into a “septal haemotoma”.  Although we didn't enjoy his week in hospital or the two operations, we looked back on the experience with lots of thankfulness:  not too long ago people used to die from the same condition!   Actually, Daniel was very very brave about it all, and he did enjoy rare unlimited access to cartoons on TV and videogames on the hospital ward.



hospital visiting wore out Ian

Brave Daniel

Both Daniel and Simon are learning loads about “proper swimming” in their weekly lessons.  Daniel may end up on the swimming team in school, and Simon's front crawl has already surpassed his parents' (although that's not really saying much!).


Cades & Negus'

American Tradition in England

Matt & Jen, from church, joined us for Thanksgiving this year.  Jen's from Texas like Kevin, so we had her pumpkin pie as well as Kevin's devilled eggs.  We followed all the most important traditions like forgetting some of the ingredients and needing a last minute trip to the store.  Another tried and true tradition which we faithfully remembered was the 'forgetting the stuffing until the dessert time”. 


As Christmas approaches we're looking forward to all the usual school assemblies.   Ian's been singing and doing the actions for “Father Christmas (He Got Stuck Coming Down the Chimney)” but we'll have to wait for the event to see if he chooses to sing along or feign shyness.  Simon's got a speaking part as Santa in the Infant Nativity Assembly.  Mom & Dad know his lines by heart from hearing him practice so often, so on the big day we'll be with him for every single word!

After three years, Lucy finished her involvement on the committee for Playgroup.   But she's “stuck in” to helping run the Nursery School committee and is itching to start at the primary school next year (rather than a year here a year there).

Kevin’s enjoying his job more than ever; even was sponsored to go to Boston where he delivered a presentation on a project he’s been working on (all very geeky stuff).  He’s gone another year with nothing but good intentions to show for his attempts to shed some extra weight, so has been seeing a counsellor in London to try to get to the bottom of it all.   (He considered the Atkins diet, but decided it must be too good to be true and must have some hidden health risks!)


Ian's having a blast at Nursery school.  He spends most of his time there playing with Oliver, and may prove to be the most outgoing of the Cade boys!  Daniel and Simon proudly picked out their ruck-sacks to carry books back and forth to school and home.  Each week Ian gets another  wonderful Story Sacks from Nursery school, which he proudly refers to as “my Ruck-sack”

sing along now!

Ian the musician

The last big journey for 2003 was to Leeds to visit Lucy’s Aunt to wish her well on her 80th birthday.  Toby was doing very well and everyone enjoyed the journey, the stay in the B&B, and most of all spending some time with Lucy’s Dad’s sister.