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Journal Entry for August 16, 2000

I was walking home from work the other day and as I got to our street I came upon an old lady sorta limping as she carried her bag on one shoulder and some shopping in the other hand. I asked her if I could help by carrying anything for her. She said no thanks, he house was just ahead. I said okay & Merry Christmas.

This little encounter reminded me of something that I learned by example from my Dad (instead of learning it by someone telling me, he just got on with doing it, probably unaware that he was teaching me anything at all).

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Who's the grandson and who's the granddad?

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Journal Entry for March 9th, 2000

Extension  Finally done!
Yes, one of the biggest foci on in these ramblings and shuttering is the often overwhelming extension.  Well, thank God, it's done.  We aren't in any rush to paint the freshly plastered walls (We're going to force ourselves to rest and have some "normal life" before diving back into decorating/painting it all--maybe even the rest of this year!

Journal Entry for January 21, 2000

We had the doors upstairs hung day-before yesterday. They're not the oldey-worldey pine ones, but they are new ones made extaclty like them. Funny how we thought doors would make the smallish rooms look too tiny, but now that they're up we think they make the area look better.

Journal Entry for January 13th, 2000

So, if you read our HOLIDAY LETTER you know what our plans were for the New Years Eve.   The evening went really well. Great "Beta Test" for the extension having people sleeping in the new rooms and having loads of folk 'round to eat together in the dining room. It was nice having all the kids and Marta & Sylwec and John & Rinata an over to celebrate the new year in our mild mannered way.

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