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Peter & Boys @ table 2003


Journal Entry for September 14th, 2000

I'm working on my second CD of movies and photos for the grandparents in the US. It's really fun doing all this. I've found the code to make these cool pulldown menus which you see at the top. They follow the top of your page, regardless of how far down you scroll your page down, and I can update them by only changing one file per directory.
The video editing is cool, although the process is not as exciting or challenging anymore, the results are very worthwhile to me. I'm about to get the movies from our visit to the US last year and convert them from video-tape onto computer. So the next CD will have the boys feeding the fish with Dad & Kris and playing silliness in the hotel room, Mom reading them "Thud Thud" and stuff.

Have you heard all about our fuel crises over here? There's a few people in my team to didn't make it in to work today cause of the protests and stuff. Folks are blocking the fuel depots because of our 90-something percent tax on fuel. 

Abrey kids 2 Cade Boys, Colons & Lucy before Ian's birth 2000

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