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UK Cade Family Newsletter 2012

a few words about the UK Cades' 2012

Here's a 2012 photo album


Cades 2005 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Kevin, Lucy & The Boys

Dad & Kris (images in 2005/XMasLetter or something similar)

We all enjoyed the Boys' First American Christmas with Kevin's folks, and we're already getting ready to get our tickets to go back next Christmas (prices are so much cheaper when you book waaay early!).     Hello from Cambridge & from the UK Cades.  Hope you and your loved-ones are all doing well and we hope you have a nice and relaxing Christmastime this year.

Crawley's House: 6 Boys Overnight!      

Lucy's old college friends Smiler & Phil invited us to visit them in London, and we all had a ball!  Kevin loved getting to know Phil and "Geek-Out" about computers, the internet, etc.  Sarah's homemade bread inspired Lucy to get into bread-making for herself.

Cades 2004 Christmas Letter



1999 Family Christmas Newsletter

Dear Everyone,

Sad Start to1999

As you know Lucy lost her Mum in January. Of course it has been difficult, and was a horrible shock, but so many people have been so lovely (like Caroline being so caring, Duncan being so helpful with the practical matters and Maurice being such a wise friend through-out). There is plenty of healing involved but the process is definitely underway.

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