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Cade UK 2009 Christmas Letter

What's happened in 2009? So much! 

This is the year that all three of The Boys started playing for football teams (weekends are busy in a whole new way). This is the year that Ian reached the milestone where he cycles to school without his Mum trailing behind (which means more independence for both of them!).  Of course this is the year when Simon moved up to Secondary School and Lucy's counting down the years until our time at Mayfield Primary ends (It'll be 11 years when Ian finishes in 2011).  The annual Summer Fayre and International Evening were intense but fun--as always.

Boating on the Cam with Heeleys in August 2009


Simons First Dive


Mayfield 'Summer Fayre 2009


Moon movie trailer

Hermits Rest Grand Canyon 2009


Kaibab Trail hike part 2 @ Grand Canyon in 2009


Kaibab Trail hike @ Grand Canyon in 2009


Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon 2009


Kevin & Lucy's Grand (Canyon) Date


Buffalo Park & Coconino Forrest hiking Flagstaff Arizona 2009


Mountain biking in Flagstaff Arizona April 2009


Kachina Trail & Wall Climbing @ Flagstaff Arizona 2009


Thorpe Cloud Climb 2008


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