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mobile devices battery life

Executive Summary: if you don't use a feature, turn it off.  from WiFi to push email to GPS, screen brighness, even MP3 equalizer and the phone itself!  The more it does the more the battery will be used.

Lithium batteries (blackberry 8120, iPhone, laptops)

Official iPhone battery info here

"Initialize a new battery. New batteries should be fully charged before their first use to obtain maximum capacity. Nickel-based batteries should be charged for 16 hours initially and run through 2-4 full charge/full discharge cycles, while lithium ion batteries should be charged for about 5-6 hours. Ignore the phone telling you that the battery is full--this is normal but is not accurate if the battery is not initialized. #DO NOT fully discharge a lithium-ion battery! Unlike Ni-Cd batteries, lithium-ion batteries' life is shortened every time you fully discharge them. Instead, charge them when the battery meter shows one bar left. Lithium-ion batteries, like most rechargable batteries have a set amount of chargers in them.[1]

iPhone Apps


LineRider (free?)

Last.FM (free)

Facebook (free)

RSS Player  (£1.79, RSS Reader (free)

Tom Tom UK & Ireland (when needed) £60

Co Pilot (supposedly better & cheaper @ £27

Skype (free)

Google Maps (free)


Google Earth (free)

iPoo (.59) (organizer) free

Itranslate (for italy) free

link for spotify account

Couch 2 5K


GOAL:  2 finish by C25K by 15 November

5K runs:

application website:

creator's twitter page, new version coming soon:

WHEN                             NOTES

Friday, 04-09-09 b4 late, riverside house

Sunday am, 06-09-09

Tues, 08-09-09 after speed school, 2 extra sets of 60 seconds


Boating on the Cam with Heeleys in August 2009


waterproof testing a phone


Simons First Dive


first SatNav GPS device

A review will go here (once we've tried it out going out of town for my birthday next month).

Nuvi 200 Widescreen

Happy Birthday to me....

Mayfield Summer Fun


Mayfield 'Summer Fayre 2009


Ian's Ninth Birthday Party Water Fight Extravaganza


Dan decorating Ian's Captain Underpants 9th birthday cake


Ian's 9th Birthday party

Another first.  This is the first birthday party where the ideas and games and teams have all been thought up by one of the kids!  Daniel did this invitation as well:

Things I Like About England, #324

Just listened to another of the great BBC quiz shows.  One thing they have in common that you just don't really get from equivalent programs from the U.S. is...

..that it's not about winning.

The U.S. is so competitive. Sports, business, career, you name it.  Anything you can do in the U.S. someone else can try to do it better.  It's what makes us (yes, I'm still American) so good at so many things.  The Olympics, the computer industry...

But the British gameshows make the competitive side a silly joke.  They have teams and they announce points for the two sides.  At the end of each show they announce the winner, but IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER.  Who's Line Is It Anyway, QI, The News Quiz, Nevermind the Buzzcocks, they're all wonderfully uninterested in who wins. It's the taking part that matters. 

Even answering the questions is just an excuse for the panelists to go off on tangents, make jokes and make us as the audience laugh (which is the real point of these shows).

Mega paper airplane


WiFi upgraded @ home

before & after speeds


Most of the time I spent was trying to get the graphical login screen back and "switch user" option, but it seems the management software for this new N WiFi card doesn't allow it. 

But, the speed it's showing is over twice the speed.  I should be getting a better signal, and I've turned off SSID broadcast (for what it's worth) and can still connect with all the devices in the house (Blackberry included). Dan says he is getting a stronger signal on his iPod touch, but it looks the same here on the PC in the gamesroom.  Three antenna's on the router and PCI card should make some difference!

The item I got is from a manufacturer I've used before; German DLink.  I like them and Netgear best.  Although Linksys has devices that are very configurable (They're the consumer arm of Cisco) I've had issues with both their devices and support, so I don't like using 'em anymore.

Here's my kit:

Moon movie trailer

Page AZ Colorado River Raft Trip 2009


Hermits Rest Grand Canyon 2009


Kaibab Trail hike part 2 @ Grand Canyon in 2009


Kaibab Trail hike @ Grand Canyon in 2009


Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon 2009


Kevin & Lucy's Grand (Canyon) Date


Buffalo Park & Coconino Forrest hiking Flagstaff Arizona 2009


Mountain biking in Flagstaff Arizona April 2009


Kachina Trail & Wall Climbing @ Flagstaff Arizona 2009


Traveling to Flagstaff, Arizona 2009


Mums Day UK Cade style

Mothers' Day happened a few weeks ago here in England.  They Boys were great, we helped 'round the house, took Lucy out for a walk, and enjoyed a simple day together.

Dan made an animated card here:









Simon and Ian drew these great works of Art.


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