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Ian at Clay Lake


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Carriage Rubbernecker

Am I the only one who is curious to look over her shoulder & read the book of a lady who's on page 128 of her paperback book?  Wouldn't your curiosity nudge you beyond the bounds of unwritten social codes of conduct?

I could get my own copy & start from the start, but somehow it seems more interesting to join in where she happens to be, here, as we pass Finsbury Park station on the somewhat crowded train to Kings Cross.

The sky is unusually bright and light blue, with only whispy hints of cottoncandy-like clouds on the other side of our speeding train's window.

Now another woman has sat down in our carriage, & I'll be much less conspicuous if I look at her book as she is Right Next to me.

Oops, I tried to snatch a glance (I only wanted to see the title!) & she immediately drew her paperback into her, like a vulnerable child needing protecting from a worringly weird stranger and his (my) rude, prying, eyes.

River Swimming on Cam @ Granchester


Simons Footie Skills


Ians Strawberry Picking Birthday Outing


My Ideal SmartPhone

It would be so smart, it'd be called "Genius" (but I'm not dreaming up any new features here, just a consolidation of the best of all that's out there.  My dream gadget will need another writeup on another day.

It need to have Apple's wealth of Apps and slick and beautiful design (both hardware and user interface).  It'd be as thin as the iPhone4 with the camera from the new Nokia N8.  It's have the Nokia's radio transmitter so I can listen to all my MP3s from a nearby radio (in car, etc.) with no wires.  It'd have a MicroSD slot so I could increase the storage size and it would allow content to be copied like every other phone (except Apple) by either mini USB, or, let's be genius, over WiFi and 3G!

The battery would be at least 40% better (like the iPhone4OS says it will be) with all the SatNav and motion sense and top quality touch screen and gyroscope.

The iPhone MP3 interface is the bets I've seen.  The 30 second rewind button is invaluable for listening to podcasts.  But subcribing to RSS is stupidly only available from iTunes on a non-mobile computer that's in sync with the phone!

My smartphone camparison


Apple iPhone 4

Nokia N8






80211 b/g/n


battery talk

battery standby

7 hrs

300 hrs

   5.2 hours

1st camera

2nd camera


5 MP


HD 720 f/s

12 MP


HD 720 f/s

8 MP

1.3 MP





960 x 640, 3.5-inch



800 x 480, 4.3-inch



onboard storage



32 Gb



US protected content

If you are a non-US viewer and are using Firefox, install the following
1) In Firefox, Go to tools->modify headers
2) From the drop down box on the left select add
3) Then enter: "X-Forwarded-For" in the first input box without the quotation marks
4) Enter: "" in the second input box without the quotation marks
5) Leave the last input box empty, and save the filter, and enable it
6) Click the 'Configuration' tab on the right then proceed to check the 'always on' button.
Close the Modify Headers box and it should work.

Stephen Tobolowsky, a great storyteller

I hear Mr. Tobolowsky has a google alert set to email him whenever a new website is indexed with reference to his name.  That made me think to put up a blog post here to see if he finds this!

So, my latest favouritist most excellentest storyteller is Mr. Stephen Tobolowsky, the actor who I recognized in two or three films, but who's actually been in hundreds!

Stephen Tobolowsky

Plus he was born in Dallas (like me!) and he's a lovely friendly guy and very intelligent and thoughtful.  His podcast is so inspirational and uplifting and rewarding.  If that isn't enough, Mr. T answered my fanmail email!

Here's a little summary of some of my fave episodes:

Groundhog Day: get a behind the scenes story of the monumental film, a bit about the process and a unique view of the director and Bill Murray.

Wind in the Willows

[video:] [video:] [video:] [video:]

View out of Loft Window


Films I'd Recommend

        Into the Wild
        An Education
        The Time Traveler's Wife
        Revolutionary Road
        500 Days of Summer
        Enemy Of The State
        The Reader
        The Conversation
        The Shipping News
        Shaun Of The Dead
        Being John Malkovich
        The Bridge On The River Kwait
        Once Upon A Time In America
        Michael Clayton
        The Usual Suspects

Impington 5K Race 2010 1st Place Dan

[video:] 20 minutes and 34 seconds, great time for 5K!

Laughing Ian 2010


4K Run Guilford 1st Place under 14


iPhone vs. Apollo

AGC iPhone


Speed in




in KB

16 256,000

in KB

32 32,000,000



no touchscreen or USB keyboard here


HP PSC1350 All In One Printer Scanner

HP PSC 1200 and 1300 series:
  1. Turn on the HP PSC 1200 or 1300 series product.
  2. Disconnect the USB cable from the all-in-one.
  3. Press the sequence of front panel buttons below to start the print cartridge alignment process.
    The button-press sequence must be completed within ten seconds.

Film 500 Days of Summer

Do you think these two actresses look alike?

I was sure our DVD last night, 500 Days of Summer, starred the Enlish actress from Pushing Dasies, Anna Friel:



A link for film recommendations here

Alternatives to iTunes

This overview details the features (with screenshots) of 10 different programs other than iTunes to manage your iPod. Tutorials are included for every program, and they’re all either free or Open Source.

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been writing so many “How to use XYZ to manage your iPod” tutorials lately, now you know why.

some thoughts inspired by Avatar

Avatar was a great story of becoming a man, finding oneself and your destiny.  It was a great battle of David vs. Goliath.  It was a moving retelling of how the west conquers and destroys other cultures and peoples in our never ending expansion and consumption, while in my opinion it wasn't  heavy or preachy.

Simons BMX painting project, day 1


Love Letter to my Bride, 2009

Lucy bought this notebook for us to write a letter in to each other every year near our anniversary.   If you got to this page then you have the special honour (or not) of reading my draft of what I'm gonna write to her for December 17th, 2009:

Lucy, you know you're a princess and you've often said I rescued you when I married you.  Here's a little story I made up of us in an alternate life.  Don't worry, I'm not gonna make you change your life, I'm just using this as a creative way to say how I love you!

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