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Slip N Slide Ians 11th


Ians Strawberry Picking Birthday Outing


Ian's Ninth Birthday Party Water Fight Extravaganza


Dan decorating Ian's Captain Underpants 9th birthday cake


Ian's 9th Birthday party

Another first.  This is the first birthday party where the ideas and games and teams have all been thought up by one of the kids!  Daniel did this invitation as well:

Thomas bashes Homer @ Dans 13th Birthday Party


The Scientist, by Dan, Simon & Rufus


Yellow by Simon, Dan & Rufus @ 13th Party


Homer papier mache unfinished


Simons PowerRisers 11th Birthday 2008

Ian @ Diggerland for 8th Birthday

Ian opening presents on 4th birthday


Tractor ride on Haines Farm 2004


Ian Blowing Bubbles @ Simons 5th Party


Simons birthday party with Ola & Julia


Simon on bouncy castle with friends


Ian's 1st Birthday garden party

Danny with KillaLot birthday toy @ 5


Happy 5th Birthday Danny 2001 with Tracey Island


Journal Entry for August 31st 2000

Home Movies!
I'm writing this entry just before cutting the CD for August, which includes loads of movies from last Christmas and other stuff.  But there's loads of footage of Ian which is very recent, plus Danny's Firsts--which I'm very excited about!  I am so glad to see Danny swimming like a little fish.  When he was first born and we took him in the swimming pool most Saturdays I had hopes he'd never know fear of the water.   But he got to a certain age and definitely was.  But now, looking back, all those sessions in the pool must have played some part.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the footage of our UnderWater Swimming Boy as much as I do.

Journal Entry for August 16, 2000

I was walking home from work the other day and as I got to our street I came upon an old lady sorta limping as she carried her bag on one shoulder and some shopping in the other hand. I asked her if I could help by carrying anything for her. She said no thanks, he house was just ahead. I said okay & Merry Christmas.

This little encounter reminded me of something that I learned by example from my Dad (instead of learning it by someone telling me, he just got on with doing it, probably unaware that he was teaching me anything at all).

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Who's the grandson and who's the granddad?

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Journal Entry for August 11, 2000

Family of Five!
We're cheering to have our bed back again.  Usually when I hear of parents with their children/baby in bed with them I grumble to myself and think, "not a good idea!"  But now I'm humbled because we've choose the same thing this time.   But we decided it was time to reclaim our "marital bed" Ha!  We were psyched up for many nights of Ian screaming in protest before he "learned" but it was gracefully quick and easy.  Only one night of sleeplessness.  He's sleeping great.  Last night he fussed until midnight, but then slept til 6am.   After a quick feed Lucy and he were back to sleep (I never even woke up) until a civilized hour.

Journal Entry for November 19th 1999

Well, Simon's birthday came and went. He's so cute (I've already said that before, I know) these days. He gets so excited. We have a little "bingo" type game called "Picture Lotto" and whenever we get it out to play he says, "Oooh! Lotto!!!" and gets all excited and stuff.

He did the same thing whenever he got to open a birthday card (thanks everyone) or present (thanks everyone again). He even loved his little plastic table that we got to put in the boys newly decorated room.

The party was a small one at home. Julia and Ola and Matthew (same age as Simon) came as well as Danny & Simon's friend Peter (Danny's age).   We had balloons and "Pass the Parcel" and the usual presents. Simon's birthday cake was a caterpillar chocolate cake and he still tells us about it and how he "blew out the fire, <pheeeew!>" to this day.

Journal Entry for October 29th 1999

I'm working on a special feauture to commemorate Simon's birthday next weekend.  I've started writing up a little piece, and hopefully will scan in some different photos as well.  Have you guys heard of Thomas the Tank Engine in the US?  Seems like I remember that you do have him imported over there.  I saw a photo of how someone took different shaped cakes and put them together in the shape of a cake.  I'd like to do that, then decorate it to make it look like Thomas (Blue, red, smiling face, etc.)

let's see if I can find a good image on the web to put here and show you...

(pause while I search)...

Journal Entry for August 15th, 1999

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great weekend.  Thought it would be worth writing a bit on it.

Lucy outdid herself by actually surprising me!  It was Sunday evening and she very subltely suggested we wait til the boys are in bed and then have a "take-out" for our tea.  When I asked what she had in mind she was mysteriously vague, promising I'd approve.  Anyway, she did surprise me when she returned with our Chinese food because she brought Tim and Ania with her!   Just the same morning I came very close to saying to them, "when can we get together again, seems like ages since we've hung out together" but I didn't.  Lucy said to me afterward that she was thinking, "Come on, let's do something for Kevin's birthday for a change.  What would he like to do more than anything (answer:  Have some friends around to visit).  And who would he choose to have come over if he could choose anyone at all (answer:  Tim and Ania).  It was so nice to eat together and talk and laugh with them.   Hoping to do a holiday together with them sometime.

Other things that made the weekend nice was:

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